resolutions! 2013!


{russian christmas cards are my favorite!}

follow my fitness routine/ make it to the gym five times a week
i got really cool running shoes for christmas and would really love to put them to good use

eat more vegetables
i love fruit, but i feel like i am missing out when i am not eating vegetables

form more relationships and improve my existing ones
i only have a year and a half in school and i think it's about time that i start talking to people in my classes, haha!
i love my friends and my goal is to make a little more time for them this year, so get ready girls, i am going to call you up regularly

get more involved in my church 
make it a priority to go to the temple nights with my ward, show up to the activities and follow through with my personal spiritual duties :)

I seriously can't believe that today is the New Years Eve! Last night my friends and family in Russia welcomed 2013 and tonight I am going to do the same! Happy New Year everyone! Thanks, as always, for supporting me, commenting and reading this little project of mine! 50 posts is definitely more than I have ever written in my journal in a year and that's not including the times that I actually did write in my real journal. I have really enjoyed this blogging community and am planning on continuing next year {tomorrow :)}

christmas day recap ♥


       I feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful Christmas this year! Not only did it snow and make a beautiful winter wonderland for us to wake up to on Christmas morning, but we also had the whole day to spend with our family and each other. It was truly an amazing Christmas! I am so grateful that we have the Savior as the reason for this celebration, I know that I can be thankful for everyone and everything that I have because of him.

     Sean and I woke up at 10am!! Seriously, we slept in on Christmas and it was the best! First, Sean got up and turned on the heater to warm up the house and then we both got up and opened gifts from each other. It was so much fun that we forgot to take any pictures! haha! I think that's the best indication of a fun time for us, when we forget to take pictures :) Here are some pictures from the rest of our Christmas day :)

a whole herd of deer in the backyard
one simply can't go without a snowball fight when there is so much snow around ;)

mom and dad and our furry sibling Purcy ;)

sledders unite!

the snow, it was all over us! 

the safest way to stay dry and warm :)
one time we fit 4! people on that sled, haha!
sisters :)

the 6 russians :) 

it was truly a wonderland

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for reading!


12 dates of christmas, let it begin!



Last year I saw this fun 12 dates of Christmas idea on a few other blogs, before I started my own blog, and Sean and I tried doing it. Although we didn't finish all of the 12 dates, we did get 10 in, considering that we started during finals I think we did pretty good. It was really fun to do and fun to make time for each other during the busy holiday season. We didn't spend much money on our dates, which made the dates less stressful and more creative {sometimes they were just doing things at home :)}
This year, once again, we are going to do the 12 dates of Christmas! I am really excited and started planning some of our dates a little earlier {we usually plan them together, i mean 12 dates in a short time period is a lot for one person to be responsible for!}And we enjoy planning them together, sometimes we plan ahead and other days they are very impromptu :) Here are the ones that we did last year and I'm sure that some of them will be repeats this year too :) 
♥  date 1- homemade pizza and homemade ornaments, I made a little sailing ship and Sean painted a star :) 
♥  date 2- smoothies and Christmas shopping guides, the guides were for each other, they were super helpful when we actually did go shopping. You don't have to get the other person everything on their wishlist but at least you get some good ideas on what they are looking at :) 
♥  date 3- ok, so this was our lamest date, we had to study :( we both had finals, but for our date we did put a movie in and studied next to each other, probably some snacking was involved :)
♥ date 4- went out for pizza and a movie at the cheap theater ($3 per person, $2 with a coupon, doesn't get much better than that!)
♥  date 5- hot chocolate and driving around our little college town finding the best Christmas decorations and lights :) 
♥  date 6- Christmas shopping, finally! this obviously means that the finals were over and we had some time to get STARTED on buying gifts :) 
♥  date 7- my favorite date and a tradition of ours, going to Salt Lake City Temple Christmas lights and out for sushi at Kyoto (the best place to get japanese food in SLC) I absolutely love all of the lights at the temple square, it's so beautiful and wonderful to feel the true spirit of this season :)
♥ date 8- a basketball game at our university, we won! a true college couple date, haha
♥ date 9- a trip to the local Petsmart, whenever we go there we always hope to see puppies :) we can't have pets at our apartment complex, but you can sure bet we will get one as soon as we can :)
♥ date 10- I guess we were in an animal loving mood and went to see We Bought a Zoo, it's definitely one of our favorite movies now :)

I can't wait to do the 12 dates of Christmas 2012 edition and I will be sharing it here, so make sure to check back and follow along :) if any of you are doing it or anyone you know is going to do it make sure to let me know, it would be fun to see others date ideas. 
Happy Holidays!




♥ a fun little day-date with my friends little girl, we went and saw my parents baby goats and got little pumpkins, she kept calling the goats babies and the donkeys mommies :) 
♥ a beautiful sunset from home

♥ got my fortune! it was awesome!
♥ my new red boots :)
♥ a dessert date at Kneaders 
♥ zumba cats

♥ gold and purple nails
♥ a reward for myself for writing a paper, haha, the office and junior mints
♥ nutella hot chocolate
♥ a baby tree at work :) 

♥ a gorgeous and beautifully decorated christmas tree at work {notice a little person sleeping in a chair :) it's a norm at work!}
♥ writing christmas letters :) 
♥ i just love this picture of the grapefruit :)
♥ red christmas nails

Happy Finals Weeks! it will be over before you know it, so cherish the moments, haha! 


over the break :)


I hope you all had a great long weekend, we sure did :) It was so great to take a little break from studying and sleep in, eat some delicious food, play football AND basketball for like three hours! (talk about being sore the next day, lol) OK, so I never play football, it's just not my game, but this time I did and I scored something called a touchdown, haha, thanks cuzs for making me feel like a star for a little bit. But even in all my football playing glory, I know I didn't look as cute as our youngest player ;) 

Can  I just say, even though I love Thanksgiving, I am so happy that it is finally "legal" to celebrate Christmas! Yes, we did. We got our Christmas tree as soon as we possibly could and it still makes me as happy as I was when I was little and we only had a tree branch as our tree :)


 I try to keep the lights on at all times, or at least when I am at home :)

Have a fabulous week!


ps. i think i am going to do 12 dates of Christmas this year (again!) are any of  you doing it? If so, what are some fun dates to go on? 



have a happy holiday!


the dressings ♥


1. bracelet  2. snood   3. dress  4. lip stain   5. tights   6. boots  {the boots cost $60, but I got the same pair at Ross for $17! good luck ;) }

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so I thought I'll brainstorm some ideas of what to wear to go hang with the fam! What I'm going to wear is going to be super comfy and fit to disguise the two helping of mashed potatoes and grandmas homemade rolls, cute enough to hang out with my girl cousins and modest enough to carry around and chase little babies ;) 

I hope you are all enjoying this long weekend with your favorite people and yummy food. Thank you all for following, commenting, sending me messages and posting on your own blogs. You all inspire me to be a better blogger, and most importantly a better person.