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we like it with raspberry or tuscan dressing :)
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 ♥ treats, flowers and some wonderful gifts from my birthday
♥ homecoming game, and we won {unbelievable}
♥ i'm tired of homework, so i'm just going to take a bubble bath, drink some tea and read a magazine

♥ i love these little hearts 


Tandoori Oven




a clean plate, which never happens anywhere else :)

Before I met Sean I've never had Indian food and I was never interested in trying it, the culture and the food was something that I wasn't familiar with so I never even thought about eating indian food, the only Indian person I knew was my pediatrician. Tandoori Oven is a little restaurant located really close to Utah State University campus where we go to school, but even then I was never interested in going there because it looks like a gas station and it is a part of a gas station. In defense of the look from the outside, it looks like a home-y gas station and not scary at all. The first time we went to Tandoori Oven was three years ago, when we just got married. It's definitely not what you would expect it to look like judging from the outside. First you get greeted by a little Indian lady, she is always there and is very sweet. Depending when you go it might be busy or slower, but no matter when we have gone there are always people there. During lunch they serve a buffet, it costs $7.50 (great price, especially for what you get and the quality and tastiness of their food), I think it's between 12-2 and it's usually really busy and filled with students. If you want a more quiet feel you should go on a game day (during the game) or between 3-5ish. The buffet is really good, we've gotten it several times. They usually have a couple of curries that you can choose from, naan bread, fruit, salad, indian chips, rice and little fried balls that I was always too full to try, I think they are a dessert. 
While the buffet is really great for the price you are paying, our favorite is just ordering from the menu. It's a little bit more expensive but totally and absolutely worth it. Last time we went I got a lamb curry ($10.50) and buttered naan bread. It was amazing. I never ever finish food at any other restaurant, but at Tandoori Oven I always leave a clean plate. You can specify the hotness of curry that you would like, but I always get mild (i like to taste my food). Sean got a different lamb curry, they have several to choose from and they do come with rice already, so if you go don't order more rice. 
Another great thing about this little place is the service. The people who work there are the nicest servers I have ever met, depending on how busy it is the front little lady will come and say hi as well. You will always have water and as much rice as you need. 
Overall it is a great place to go out to on a date, a quick dinner or a family get together, it's definitely a perfect place to try, especially if you never had indian food before.


p.s. it's located on 720 E 1000 N, Logan UT

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