over the break :)


I hope you all had a great long weekend, we sure did :) It was so great to take a little break from studying and sleep in, eat some delicious food, play football AND basketball for like three hours! (talk about being sore the next day, lol) OK, so I never play football, it's just not my game, but this time I did and I scored something called a touchdown, haha, thanks cuzs for making me feel like a star for a little bit. But even in all my football playing glory, I know I didn't look as cute as our youngest player ;) 

Can  I just say, even though I love Thanksgiving, I am so happy that it is finally "legal" to celebrate Christmas! Yes, we did. We got our Christmas tree as soon as we possibly could and it still makes me as happy as I was when I was little and we only had a tree branch as our tree :)


 I try to keep the lights on at all times, or at least when I am at home :)

Have a fabulous week!


ps. i think i am going to do 12 dates of Christmas this year (again!) are any of  you doing it? If so, what are some fun dates to go on? 

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