I have a dream


Blouse:Elle, Cardigan:ummm, i've had it for a looong time so I don't even know,
Necklace:AE, Bracelet:AE, Pants: TJMaxx, Boots:Shoe Carnival

i wear this bracelet with everything

Thanks Sean for taking cute pics of me! 

i sure like my button boots

Last Friday my Family Finance professor announced that we will not be having class on Monday, my “blind followers” bad habit way I just accepted the fact and I was happy that I will only be attending one class. I even changed my work schedule to come in early because my class was canceled! Only to find out that the whole school was having a day off!
Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr. Thank you for what you stood for and still represent in our wonderful nation. I have a dream speech gathering is the greatest demonstration of freedom in history and is full of hope for better future.
 If any of you have not seen The Help yet, I highly recommend it with a box of tissues.
And thank you for the day off, it was really great to sleep in ;)
As cheesy it may sound I have a dream for my future as well ;)
I hope I can graduate from college with a degree that will make me happy.
I hope my husband can find a good job after graduation and gets into a good architecture program.
I hope one day we can add to our two person family.
And I really hope I can keep up with this blog project of mine.
Have a great week.




This is a short story of how we started. Sean and I became a “we” very, very fast. 6 months to be exact! Every time I think about it I get a big smile on my face :D
100 day engagement
6 months is only 186 days people, the only reasonable explanation here is LOVE
We are strong believers in it
With lots of xoxoxoxoxox
The ring was picked out by Sean and I was not even
expecting it, it was  so lovely  I couldn't believe it was mine. 

A bit of data about me: Born in Russia
photo via Pinterest

Moved to UT in 2003
Photography is a new passion of mine
Cupcakes is a better form of cooking and I like it
photo via Pinterest

People are the best inspirations in the WHOLE world and I love hearing life stories! 

As for my hubby Sean: Born in Japan
photo via Pinterest

Much taller than me! (I am 5'3 and he is 6 ft) 
Sean moved to UT in 2007
Interior Design/Architecture is his baby (for now) it’s also his major in school 
This is a project from last semester, Sean is really amazing at what he does.
If you ever need a house designed, look no further! 

Mountain biking is his hobby…he has a cool bike too

We became best buddies and fell in love in March 2009
one of our little trips to Lagoon, the only
theme park close to us

We even went to high school prom with my senior class
class of 2009

After we got engaged, Sean took me to Hawaii to meet his family
his beautiful mom Kumi and step dad Mark 

Definitely my new favorite uncle, hilarious! 
And they are totally super awesome!

We got married in the Salt Lake City temple, which I had always dreamed of doing ( some dreams do come true)

Moved into a tiny apartment (which I did not take enough pictures of, bad Meg)
basement one bedroom, with a bathroom
door that goes right through the closet, true story

Moved into our current apartment and started school…..

School is AWESOME!
and that is what we are doing now. 
P.S. If you just happened to run into this blog feel free to comment and we would love to get to know you :) 





one of our very first dates 
Hello and welcome. I’m Meg. My hubby is Sean, mine for three years now! (WOW!!!) This is our story about life, adventures, loves and random happenings. Enjoy!