the dressings ♥


1. bracelet  2. snood   3. dress  4. lip stain   5. tights   6. boots  {the boots cost $60, but I got the same pair at Ross for $17! good luck ;) }

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so I thought I'll brainstorm some ideas of what to wear to go hang with the fam! What I'm going to wear is going to be super comfy and fit to disguise the two helping of mashed potatoes and grandmas homemade rolls, cute enough to hang out with my girl cousins and modest enough to carry around and chase little babies ;) 

I hope you are all enjoying this long weekend with your favorite people and yummy food. Thank you all for following, commenting, sending me messages and posting on your own blogs. You all inspire me to be a better blogger, and most importantly a better person. 


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