My wonderful friend Michaelene (cool name, right?) has her adorable baby boy a couple of months ago. They named him Calvin and he is so precious, I just love holding him and his chubby cheeks are the best. I love their family, they are perfect examples of balancing school and family and enjoying their lives. So, here you go, take in all of that adorable-ness! 


This is my one of my oldest friends Catherine and her fiance Simon. I met her when I just moved to the states and started 6th grade! These two love birds met when she went to Germany to be an exchange student. Soon after coming home, love letters followed, along with trips back and forth across the pond. This summer Simon was here, so I got to take their engagement pictures and I will be the first one to say I think they are absolutely gorgeous and in love. The wedding is scheduled to be next summer. {so looking forward to dress shopping and helping you pick things out}

xo Meg

My sister Suzanne and I had a lot of fun taking these :) She is graduating from high school this Thursday, so congrats sis!

xo Meg

Meet the Monroes
Michaelene (mama) and baby #2
Troy (dad) and silly little Kaylee
have you ever tried taking a staged family picture of a busy toddler? we did our best! 

 xo Meg

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  1. Wow meg you have quite a talent for photography; great pictures!


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