Hawaii: Oahu & Big Island


The highlight of this summer definitely goes to Hawaii, I'm sorry Bear Lake and Wind Caves but you guys just couldn't beat our time in paradise {but we still love you.} We arrived in Honolulu on Sunday morning and Seans mom and dad  picked us up from the airport {you see, they live there and I guess it might be our tradition to go there every other year.} I thought we would spend most of our time in Turtle Bay, but we ended up going all over. Some days we were in Honolulu, Waikiki, all sorts of small towns and part of the week we just took off and went to a whole different island. The airplane ride was just 30 min! While flying between  the islands we could see the other islands beneath us, it was really cool. 
This just covers the first week of our stay, we stayed two weeks. 

One of the most amazing things that we got to see were turtles. I just couldn't believe they were laying there while fifty of us were taking all sorts of pictures. I could have stayed there the whole day and just watched turtles sleeping. This was on the North Shore side.

Polynesian Cultural Center is a place where I was inspired to go home and practice shaking my bum just like all the girls do, haha! For now my talent still has to stay in the privacy of our home :) 

This man can climb a tree, with no branches.
And pose for calenders while at it. 

They can shake it on a boat, in the rain!


Samoa! A land where man cook! They were dancing so thrillingly that the boat guide fell off :) haha, but really I am still trying to figure out if it was planned.

i want to do that

The boys danced :)

"hang loose" seriously people actually say that to each other :) haha

a tip for in-between-island-travelers: you don't have to go to the airport super early, half an hour is enough and you will catch your plane on time :)


On Thursday we arrived on the Big Island, and for us tourists mom and dad made sure the plane landed in Kona so we can see the whole island :) That's why we stopped by the black sand beach and then went to the VOLCANO, which is closer to Hilo. We went to the volcano during the day, then went to their house and in the evening went to dinner at the National Volcanoes Park and saw lava glow. It was probably the coolest thing things I have ever seen, did I already say that?

On the Big Island they also have a really nice Orchid store. One orchid smelled like chocolate, one like rootbeer and one was $25,000!

Drives like this one, gorgeous. 

Seans sweet mom 
And by far our favorite adventure ever: SNORKELING!!! I would have to say that it's a sin not to snorkel if  someone is in hawaii, not really...but just do it. There were so many magical fish there, it was like being in Nemo world. We went snorkeling on the Big Island and Oahu. Oahu was a more crowded, but still very enjoyable.
I do have to include something about our snorkeling adventure: I saved two lives. While we were enjoying the fish, the sun and the water, I looked up and there was a man {late twenties/early thirties} with a little three year old girl hanging on to him. I smiled and he said "sofowerpoepw" so I said "what?" and he handed me the little girl. Turns out that the tide took him out and he didn't have flippers on and was getting exhausted and had his little daughter hanging on to him. He couldn't let go of her because she couldn't swim but he was running out of energy. She wasn't very scared, in fact she just came to me and continued looking at the "fishies" under the water. At the moment I didn't think of it as a big deal, but the more I think about it the more I realize how real that situation must have been for him. I guess my life guarding class was good for something!

our drinks

i swear i've seen this in a movie or something

Thinking back on our trip the only thought I have is "did we really go there or was that a dream."


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