Right now Sean is working on a project for one of his interior design classes and they are designing a high end salon/spa. It's always fun for me to see what he comes up with, he is truly amazing at designing! In the spirit of spas, I looked some up and sure enough found some really cool pics! (also, i've been meaning to post some of my pics, but school..... ya know) Happy blogging! love, Meg

P.S. I would really love to be there right now, relaxing my homework filled head...


  1. I would like to be there right now too!

  2. Umm these pictures are incredible! Take me there now, please. xo

  3. oh gosh, i want to go to all of these spas. GORGEOUS!!!
    and how cool is that that he is a designer. what an amazing and creative careers!
    xo TJ


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