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Hi all! A big exam for me tomorrow, blah, but the semester is coming to an end...a few more papers and we can have our freedom, yay! Here are some instragram favorites that have gathered on my ipod. Back to studying.

birthdays, boys and flu


Blazer: Lauren Conrad for Kohls Dress: a really old Dillards clearance dress, Platforms:Elle for Kohls, Necklace: old American Eagle

Last Sunday it was one of my very favorites cousins 13th birthday! Happy Birthday Steven! You know you are my fav! We went over for some delicious dinner and cake, after opening the present Steven was happy and really expressed his gratitude fully. We gave him a tie ;) but I could't believe how happy he was to get it, he said he is going to wear it all the time. Love that kid. That same day we got to play Frisbee with our other cousins and went to see my family and have root beer floats. It was definitely a family day. While at my families my younger brother David, who is 12 and hasn't seen my highlights, told me he liked my hair and gave me a really approving look. Made me love my own hair that much better. All these little boys know how to make ya feel good about yourself. That night though I got a pretty gross stomach flu, blah, I hate when that happens. Thank goodness it only lasted a day. You, nasty flu, you! 
On Monday, it was my favorite aunties birthday. Happy Birthday Auntie Kimmy! Love ya tons! 
The pictures I posted gave me a little grief. Have you ever went out to take a few pictures when you feel really pretty and then look at them and think to your self 'am i really that awkward?' poor hubby, had to deal with me.  But looking at them later, I guess I was able to pick a few out. I am in love with these platforms though :) they just put a smile on my face :) like that! 

keeping my eye on these summer picks


I am so excited for summer. 5 more weeks of school and we can enjoy more time together and hopefully outside. Also, my in-laws from Hawaii are coming for my brother-in-laws graduation and it's always really fun to see them. On Saturday I got my summer clothes box out and I couldn't help but look for a few new pieces to add.  Here are some fun summer picks that caught my eye while online-window-shopping ;) 
9. blazer
10. bracelets
Happy Monday! Love, 

our fun guide to San Francisco DAY 4


Muir Woods and Sausalito
Don't miss the red woods in Muir Woods National Monument. It's only about fifty minutes outside of the city and it's so nice to see the more natural part of northern California. On the way back from the forest stop at Sausalito to walk around and get some dinner with an ocean view. 

The day that we went there it was really rainy, but that didn't stop us from walking around (in rain boots) through puddles. Sausalito was also really rainy when we went, so we didn't take any pics.
Have a great Saturday! 

our fun guide to San Francisco DAY 3

Oh my goodness! gracious! Now the people who live in San Fran are sooo lucky to have Union Square. I about died and gone to heaven to see all the stores around me. It's almost overwhelming, so I only went to the stores that we don't have in our town. Whatever you do in San Fran make sure to make time to go to Neiman Marcus :) I went to just look :) since i cannot get anything there, because it's about a year worth of my tuition to buy a skirt :) 
If you can zoom in you can see that the people outside of the building look so stylish (not including the neon outfitted workers (which is also in fashion this season ;))


this hanger, in my house, in the future

China town 
Fun streets filled with paper lanterns and cheap souvenirs. 

Legion of Honor Museum
Another beautiful museum filled with antiques that you will most likely not see anywhere else.  
another antique that i would love to wear, it's russian (meant to be :)

Lombard Street and Coit Tower
Also known as the crookedest street ever, don't miss the opportunity to see it. I wouldn't recommend driving it, but walking it is fun. If you are going to go to the Coit Tower, go in the evening and enjoy the amazing view of the lit up city. 

a few brave souls did drive it

the view, you can make your own postcard out of it

our fun guide to San Francisco DAY 2


The Ferry Building
This is an old ferry building that was remodeled into a hip mall, filled with all sorts of shops and restaurants. If you are in town on a Tuesday or a Thursday make sure to go to the farmers market right outside of the building. Everything from vegetables, cheese and flowers. 
Don't these colors make you want to start eating your veggies ;) or at least make a butter dip for the  artichokes ;)

i wish i took some of these home 
a whole shop of different types of mushrooms
and a ton of fresh seafood

DeYoung Museum 
We went there after the ferry building, if you are planning on doing it along with other things make sure to start early. There is also a science academy across the street, which looks super fun, but we didn't have time to go there. 
there were a lot of these cute little dudes
old things are always the best
Sean is studying interior design so we have a lot of pictures of all of the furniture in the museum, but i  wish we could take a few of the chairs home

Japanese Tea Garden
The garden is next to the museum, super green and luscious. Probably takes an hour at the most, we went while it was raining so we didn't stay that long. 

fun little features like these are throughout the place, including coy ponds and a gift shop

Japan town
Japan town is just a small section of San Fran with lots of sushi places, restaurants, japanese dollar store ($1.50), and bakeries. 

2 more days of San Fran and then I will be on to something new. But seriously how can you not love that city. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone. It has been really sunny here during the week, so i am crossing my fingers for a bright day tomorrow. 

our fun guide to San Francisco DAY 1


Golden Gate Bridge
go in the morning to avoid big tourist crowds and get the best clear skied pictures

Palace of Fine Arts
it's on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge (we went there after the bridge), the science part of this site is closed on Sundays and Mondays so there won't be crowds to see the gorgeous greek looking palace. The houses around it are a site themselves (most likely will make you want to move to San Fran) 
the corner one is my favorite :) notice there is a surveillance camera, yes i saw it after this picture :)  
we also went there in the evening, hardly anyone was there and it was so beautiful and serene (there were even swans)

Fisherman's Wharf
After the Palace, this is just the place to go. It's busy with a lot of people (and seagulls, that will steal your calamari if you don't protect it (true story)), fun shops and food stands, the trendiest bakery, boats and street  musicians. You can get crab, clam chowder, tomato soup (my favorite), sour dough bread and lots of unique souvenirs. 
this bakery is right in the center of the wharf, you'll see people going in there 
you can see why i liked this soup the best, right?
sean made me try this crabhead on and i am so glad he did
Ghirardelli Square 
You can walk there from the wharf (the best part is you don't have to find a new parking place, just leave your car at the wharf, that is if you drove), it's only six blocks away and on the way you can see a lot of art galleries and other shops. 
There were street musicians here too and a handful of perfect little shops, including a cupcake shop, tea room, ghirardelli chocolate store and soda fountain and an expensive lotion store that smells like heaven.
Kara's cupcakes
Ghirardelli ice cream sunday
my personal favorite find! Have you ever had one of these? The sales lady said they are not legal  in the US, but they are awesome. A milk chocolate egg, white chocolate lining on the inside and a toy in the middle (mine was a little gorilla), i used to get these ones in a while when i was living in Russia.
you can also see how Ghirardelli make their chocolate, it looks like a chocolate filled bath
We went to San Francisco for our spring break from school. Both of us have never been there so we made the 12 hour road trip, while listening to the Hunger Games audio book :D. If you have never been there before I definitely recommend it, such a fun diverse town. A lot to do and this post only covers day 1. More to come soon!