resolutions! 2013!


{russian christmas cards are my favorite!}

follow my fitness routine/ make it to the gym five times a week
i got really cool running shoes for christmas and would really love to put them to good use

eat more vegetables
i love fruit, but i feel like i am missing out when i am not eating vegetables

form more relationships and improve my existing ones
i only have a year and a half in school and i think it's about time that i start talking to people in my classes, haha!
i love my friends and my goal is to make a little more time for them this year, so get ready girls, i am going to call you up regularly

get more involved in my church 
make it a priority to go to the temple nights with my ward, show up to the activities and follow through with my personal spiritual duties :)

I seriously can't believe that today is the New Years Eve! Last night my friends and family in Russia welcomed 2013 and tonight I am going to do the same! Happy New Year everyone! Thanks, as always, for supporting me, commenting and reading this little project of mine! 50 posts is definitely more than I have ever written in my journal in a year and that's not including the times that I actually did write in my real journal. I have really enjoyed this blogging community and am planning on continuing next year {tomorrow :)}


  1. Great resolutions!! Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year to you too! thanks for commenting!
      cheers, Meg


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