♥ a fun little day-date with my friends little girl, we went and saw my parents baby goats and got little pumpkins, she kept calling the goats babies and the donkeys mommies :) 
♥ a beautiful sunset from home

♥ got my fortune! it was awesome!
♥ my new red boots :)
♥ a dessert date at Kneaders 
♥ zumba cats

♥ gold and purple nails
♥ a reward for myself for writing a paper, haha, the office and junior mints
♥ nutella hot chocolate
♥ a baby tree at work :) 

♥ a gorgeous and beautifully decorated christmas tree at work {notice a little person sleeping in a chair :) it's a norm at work!}
♥ writing christmas letters :) 
♥ i just love this picture of the grapefruit :)
♥ red christmas nails

Happy Finals Weeks! it will be over before you know it, so cherish the moments, haha! 


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