blueberry cornmeal butter cake


You'll want to eat the batter :)

For Christmas my father-in-law gave both of us Amazon gift cards, while Sean bought design books, I knew exactly what I wanted. A little while ago I saw The Smitten Kitchen cookbook here and totally wanted to get it, so finally it's here {and it's beautiful} and my goal is to cook every single recipe from it this year! Plus, the author has a little story to go along with every recipe :) About a week ago my lil sister and I were hanging out and decided to make the blueberry corn cake, it was SO GOOD! just perfect with a cup of tea. Can't wait to try the rest of the recipes! 

What is your favorite cookbook? 


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  1. Hi Meg! This looks delicious, and I loveee blueberries, I will have to put on my list of things to try :) Thanks!



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