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I just found this little list and added a few of my own :)

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a week in review: one day it was so warm and springy that we went outside to fly our giant, blue butterfly kite, also some flowers sprang up and made our gray town look so pretty. one day the mountains started looking greenish so we went hiking up a very steep hill. oh, haha, you see that instagram photo of my hubby's feet on paper towels? yeah, i scrubbed the kitchen floors and he was trying to be nice and not get them dirty by only sliding across the floors on paper towels, yep he is the best! ok, have a wonderful weekend. cheers, love ya all.
p.s. today it snowed, that sucks :( boo...i hope it melts tomorrow :( on the happy note, people at work were wishing each other merry christmas, silly old folks

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Spring is almost here in Logan! I've seen so many gorgeous blossoms from the east and west coasts and can't wait until we have some to post and share.
It's almost my lil sis's birthday, she'll be 19! Today we went to Kohls and got her a gorgeous dress from me and hubby for $13!!! No no no I am not cheap! It used to be $64, then on clearance for $25, with a coupon and Kohls cash it was $13! Always feel so proud of myself for getting super awesome stuff for less, it's like an accomplishment, ha! And it was the only one left!
Anyway, husband went to bed as I was writing this so I better do the same :) night all :)
Love, Meg



Right now Sean is working on a project for one of his interior design classes and they are designing a high end salon/spa. It's always fun for me to see what he comes up with, he is truly amazing at designing! In the spirit of spas, I looked some up and sure enough found some really cool pics! (also, i've been meaning to post some of my pics, but school..... ya know) Happy blogging! love, Meg

P.S. I would really love to be there right now, relaxing my homework filled head...

Maybe I will do this....

The Shine Project I just saw this on another blog and it looks fun and helpful :) Maybe I will do it!
The Color Run, I've always wanted to go to The Festival of Colors in UT and then I saw this :) Maybe I will do it!
I just love Giuliana :) such a sweet little lady, I sure hope I can meet her one day! 

Here are just a few things that I found lately and they sure inspire me! One day! I hate to unload my homework here, but here we go: sevenfreaking page paper, three page paper, one page, one page, one page, an exam, an exam, an exam and SUMMER BREAK!!!!!!!!! Five more weeks 'till freedom!
How is your school or work going? Any special plans for summer? 
Thanks all, I truly appreciate everyone's comments, it's so much fun getting to know all of you.