summer salad


So delicious on a hot summer day! 

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 Hi all! So, it's been a while ;) Summer is in it's full swing around  here. Besides work we've been fishing, enjoying the sun, a few household projects ( they deserve their own post), sleeping in, cooking together and just plain being lazy (yeah, that's fun too)!! 
 My new mug from Anthropologie and i totally did not mean to match my nails to it, but they did! Does that store have anything that isn't cute? The last pic is of our couch that I gave a makeover myself :) 
 Boys enjoying driving their favorite cars on Kinect, you should have seen the big grins on their faces :)
Sushi is my fav! 
 Enjoyed a sunny Sunday and got some much needed sun on my legs
Hiking and exploring sites for camping this weekend, yay can't wait! 

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I will most likely be MIA having fun outside!
xo Meg