♥Merry Christmas! What a wonderful and exciting season it has been. I'm so happy that we got to spend it with people that we love :)
♥Sugar cookies! These were a hit with everyone :) haha! 
♥Godiva chocolates club! The best club to belong to!
♥Starbucks during Christmas season, so good! Thank you!

♥Gingerbread house making at my favorite aunties! She's!

♥My favorite tradition :) SLC temple square lights, such a wonderful place to go to embrace the full spirit of Christmas :)

♥Christmas morning- LegoArchitecture was definitely the way to go with Sean :) 

♥I wish I could say this was a nice day to go on a walk, but it was freaking freezing :) but still beautiful 

Well, these are our holiday season blurps ;) I hope yours was awesome as well! 


P.S. Thanksgiving was pretty great too :)

♥Yummy food, annual height measuring (even the old people measure, like they expect they grew over the past year of something, haha ;), cute second cousins! 

♥ Sean has gotten into pottery over the last semester :)