christmas day recap ♥


       I feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful Christmas this year! Not only did it snow and make a beautiful winter wonderland for us to wake up to on Christmas morning, but we also had the whole day to spend with our family and each other. It was truly an amazing Christmas! I am so grateful that we have the Savior as the reason for this celebration, I know that I can be thankful for everyone and everything that I have because of him.

     Sean and I woke up at 10am!! Seriously, we slept in on Christmas and it was the best! First, Sean got up and turned on the heater to warm up the house and then we both got up and opened gifts from each other. It was so much fun that we forgot to take any pictures! haha! I think that's the best indication of a fun time for us, when we forget to take pictures :) Here are some pictures from the rest of our Christmas day :)

a whole herd of deer in the backyard
one simply can't go without a snowball fight when there is so much snow around ;)

mom and dad and our furry sibling Purcy ;)

sledders unite!

the snow, it was all over us! 

the safest way to stay dry and warm :)
one time we fit 4! people on that sled, haha!
sisters :)

the 6 russians :) 

it was truly a wonderland

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday season! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for reading!


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