Tony Grove with Sean ♥♥♥ and other thoughts


one of the last perfect summer days before school started 

this log is meant for something better than laying in the lake
it's just gorgeous

anyone else always photographs flowers? ;)


oh how i am going to miss these super sunny days during the gloomy winter

I really can't believe that school started three weeks ago. Time is sure flying by! I have only 13 weeks of school left and then I will no longer be a student. If I am being honest, it really has caused me some stress lol. Sometimes I am really excited about graduating and other times it is really daunting in a confusing way. College went by fast!  What I always called "real life" -aka life after college- is approaching. 

On a happy note, this has been one of the laziest summers I have had in a long time and I loved it.  
Bring it on life ♥♥♥


a little quote for your day

pic via Pinterest

P.S. I've been doing this a lot lately and it sure helps :) freshman year and senior year sure have 
some things in common :)

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