bits of our summer {2013}


  I seriously can't believe that it's already August! So far we've had a really great and relaxing summer. The first six weeks that we were out of school were really busy {i got a minor and Sean went on an internship in NYC}, but after that we've had the most chill summer we've ever had together, and we are LOVING it! 

While Sean was in NYC he had my "good" camera, so I haven't been taking a whole lot of photos, but here are some from the things we've been loving about our summer 
i'm starting to get back into taking more pictures :)

long walks on campus 
we live in student housing and one of my favorite things that we do together is going on looong walks in the evenings, i love all of the conversations that happen while we have our walks together, we talk about the future and share our personal goals with each other.
I feel like its the time that our friendship grows and shows up the most in our relationship.
{i ♥ sean}

bear lake trip 
While Sean was out of town, I had more time to catch up with one of my best friends and go on a little Bear Lake trip with some pals! Such a fun group of crazies! haha
On the side note, they like to sing the chorus of every song that they know or don't know just like me ;)

oh my gosh! my legs were are white!
hiking in the green canyon
This was just the other day- we hiked to the "rocks" in the green canyon, where Sean and I got engaged 4 years ago :) My sister Suzanne came with us, I'm so glad that she is always up for whatever idea that might pop into my head ;)

such a gorgeous view! too bad UT mountains have turned brown , but you can still see the well-watered grass patches in the city, haha

Suzy and i

♥ forever
Well, even though school starts this month, we still have three weeks to be wild and free! I'm excited to go to Bear Lake again this weekend and a few other fun things that I hope will happen before school starts. 
My in-laws are coming to UT at the end of August and I am so excited to see them { we haven't seen them for about a year, i think}.

I hope you are all enjoying the warm weather and having some time off :)


P.S. haha, I almost forgot to put these in... the wind was driving us crazy and at least one of us was always getting a face-full of hair :)

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