Bear Lake '13


we thought we were going to get rained on, but it went the other way :)
rain rain go away- worked!

i think i know why people call their friends "like a sister", because sisters are great :)
even though she knows how i annoying i can be, she still wants to hang out with me :)
somehow we ended up together :) 

ah yeah, my castle totally beat theirs haha ;)

a little in car photoshoot to remember the times we spend together
summer 2013
Every year I always pledge to myself not to get sun burned, and every year I get one real sunburn! This year it was at Bear Lake, two days before school started and my nose peeled on the first day of school -and for the following week. Next year will be the year that my skin will not get burned!!! {maybe if promise the internet, i will keep my new year resolutions, lol} 

Bear lake was fun though! My sister came with us and she always brings out the funny in me :) We also brought all sorts of yummy snacks and drinks and just had the best day {and we brought sunscreen too, but no one used it}! 

I hope you all had a fantastic summer and ready to take on the autumn! 


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