a little bit of leftovers....that is of christmas!


I've been meaning to share these pictures with the world for a while now, but this and that would come up {and sometimes I am just plain lazy} and they would be filed away in the back of my brain. These were a part of our 12 Dates of Christmas. By the way, did we finish the dates? no. But, did we have fun trying to? absolutely. I made dinners that I have never made before, we watched movies, cleaned the house, sledded, shopped, went on a little trip and muchmuch more....and the most important part, we made time for each other during the entire break. Seriously, not a day went by that we didn't do something together, it was pretty much the awesomest break in our school-going history. Speaking of school, it's on again! And I am finally taking classes that I am interested in and happy to get ready for :) big big smile for that! And I should also go to bed, so I can have enough energy to do my homework tomorrow and not on Sunday {another new year goal}! Goodnight all. 


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  1. pretty, pretty lights! I miss them already. Looking forward to next Christmas ;)


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