to a healthy summer


So happy to say that my summer has started! Yes, I totally abandoned my blog for the last weeks of school, but it definitely payed off and I got good grades :) 
Our family came from Hawaii this last weekend for my brother-in-laws graduation and we partied up. Lots of yummy food was involved, late nights, new shoes and many pictures. 

This summer I would really like to concentrate on getting a little healthier. Usually when I am eating better, exercising and not stressing out over little things I feel a lot happier. So, that said, my first item of health is drinking more water. I did a little research about the benefits of drinking more water and here is what I found: 
 5 reasons why water is great! 
1. Water is good for our skin. Skin is an organ and it needs water to function properly. Dry skin is more likely to get premature wrinkles. Also, when we exercise, if we are hydrated we will sweat and if we sweat we will clear our pores, which will help with clearing off pimples :) 
2. At times we may think we are hungry, but in reality we are just thirsty. Drinking water can help fight off a few lbs.  Water helps with digestion and it has zero calories, so drink it up!
3. Drinking water can help you feel more energized while exercising. Water regulates body temperature and fuels our muscles. 
4. Keeping us alert! Our brain is made 90% of water, so drinking water can keep us more alert and productive. 
5. Happiness! When our bodies are feeling good our minds are happy :) 
Here is to happiness this summer! 

xo Meg 

P.S. I am no way of a nutritionist and this information is just from online sources, if you don't want to drink water that's fine too :) 

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