dress up the white


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This whole week I am spending time with my favorite 99 year old :) mostly we spend our time watching sports, abc specials about the Royals, eating peanut m&m's and napping, perfect ways of spending rainy days that we have been having here in Logan. Although today it was quiet sunny and bright. Since it's summer I like to wear light or brighter colors; to dress up my white shirts I like to put on some bright necklaces, bracelets/watches or prints :) I found my necklace at H&M for only $12! Here are some other ideas that are not budget breakers (always a priority right here!) :)
I hope you all are having a good summer and enjoying warmer temperatures :) 
What are your summer favorites?

xo, Meg


  1. love your flats!!!! <3 you are so pretty!!!!!

    TheSparklingCinnamon <3

  2. thank you so much :) and welcome to the blog!
    xo Meg

  3. Love the white and turquoise!

  4. Hey Meg, just found your blog. Its fantastic. I love this post. Black and White are two of my favorite shades to wear but I never know how to dress them up! Thanks for the options :)



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