last Saturday Night Grilling


one of the sausages rolled into the coals, these kids were trying to save it :) the coals were not positioned "correctly" so they got really hot in the middle and it was hilariously hard to pick the sausage out of the grill :) 

boys entertained themselves with new sharpened knives, Simon gave Sean an olive tree wood  knife from France, to say the least Sean was very excited

these little beauties were all over the backyard

couldn't help it, pictures of flowers are my favorite

Simone also cooked "shnitsel" a delicious pork thingy and some awesome mushroom stuff

garlic blooms 

best soda ever :) when we brought the soda in a four pack I was trying out my german accent with my not-going-away-anytime-soon russian accent and was calling it "beer", Simon actually thought it was so he brought a beer mug outside to have it, only to have me announce that it was soda and we don't "drink" oops slightly an awkward and awesome moment :) welcome to UT! 

grilling like a pro! 

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends fiance came for the summer, from Germany. So, to welcome him and start the summer we had a little grilling date. We grilled our favorite things: sausages, pineapple and eggplant. If you never tried grilled pineapple, please do, it's definitely one of the best grilled things ever. What are your favorite things to do during summer? What do you grill? 
love, Meg


  1. Shashliki!!! I've never grilled pineapple, sounds interesting, we definitely should try! Do you grill a fresh pineapple or canned one will work also?

  2. i've never tried grilling canned pineapple, but fresh is really to die for! Shashliki! Thanks, sounds yummy!


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