How to celebrate your 99th!


My wonderful friend Ruth turned 99 years young today! She is by far the most wise and beautiful 99 year old I have ever gotten to know. She taught me how to enjoy Jazz basketball games, eat ice cream after supper and have chocolate covered cashews for snacks, wear a hat to protect my face from the sun and most of all she makes me feel loved every time she sees me! I love her so much! So here is how to celebrate your 99th:
Get phone calls from your children
Give candy bars with your name on them to all your friends (Baby Ruth :)
Eat ice cream
Only read birthday cards
Take a nap
Get visits from good friends and family
Get your favorite chocolates and enjoy them
Have your relatives post nice things about you on Facebook
Get lots of love from everyone around you
Wear your favorite color

here are just a few ideas about special birthday celebrations 

love, Meg

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