lately ♥


♥Sushi date with Sean before he left on his looooong internship {but he is back!!!!}
♥a pretty new vase from the ceramics sale at school
♥delicious cake from my sisters birthday 

♥back in the spring when there were so many blossoms
♥Catherine's graduation
♥the time that i dyed my hair and went out for ice-cream with my favorite little cousin
♥a gorgeous birch tree on my way home from school

♥a fun little installation at Madison Square Park in NYC
♥gorgeous flowers at work
♥my favorite little lady had her 100th birthday, isn't she absolutely gorgeous?! and even better of a person  

♥more blossoms
♥Farr's ice-cream at City Creek Mall with passion fruit bubbles, so far my favorite soft ice cream place
♥bike rides
♥lilac bushes everywhere, I couldn't help but always bring a few branches home

♥Shmores ;)
♥sister twizzle berry date
♥lovely daisies 

The week before Sean came home my summer classes were out and my sister stayed with me. Boy, did we live it up!!! {picture gelato every night and hours spend by the pool :) fun memories made :)} 
♥pool time
♥ endless gelato, haha
♥breakfast at Crumb Brothers

♥Finally Sean was back!!! These are just a couple of chocolate bars that he brought me from Dylan's Candy Bar ♥ I am sure glad that he is home

I hope you are all enjoying your summer! We invested in a fan :)


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