He is in NYC, I am in UT


Well, my sweetheart is off on an adventure! 6 long weeks in the big NYC all by himself  :( I miss him so much already. Sometimes I really don't realize how much he does for me until he is away for a few days, or this time a few weeks. Today I was talking to him on the phone and I told him that I have only eaten prepared foods since this morning because he is usually the one who cooks :) He said he knows :)

The day that he left we drove to SLC in the early afternoon to do some last minute clothes shopping and to spend a fun day together. I had to drive on the highway the whole way to the city. I usually don't drive on the highway, I just haven't done it a lot so it still scares me a little bit, but Sean insisted that I drove all the way because I didn't bring someone with me to drive back with and I needed all the practice I could get. Sean wanted me to bring someone with me, a sister or a cousin, but I just wanted some time to myself to self loath in the car, my face looked like this :''''(  and that is not something anyone should see.

So, here are just a few from SLC

look at that bag! it's almost as big as him!
HE BROUGHT A RICE COOKER :) but not a pillow, thank goodness for nice roommates :)

kisses and hugs
can't wait until he is back

And here are the first couple from NYC
Sean said it's a little bit of a culture shock to see all the bums and homeless people

Yay for summer adventures! I am stuck in school for 5 more weeks!
I will survive! (yes, that is my theme song for the next 6 months until I graduate)


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