my red shoes


Spring is almost here in Logan! I've seen so many gorgeous blossoms from the east and west coasts and can't wait until we have some to post and share.
It's almost my lil sis's birthday, she'll be 19! Today we went to Kohls and got her a gorgeous dress from me and hubby for $13!!! No no no I am not cheap! It used to be $64, then on clearance for $25, with a coupon and Kohls cash it was $13! Always feel so proud of myself for getting super awesome stuff for less, it's like an accomplishment, ha! And it was the only one left!
Anyway, husband went to bed as I was writing this so I better do the same :) night all :)
Love, Meg


  1. Love everything about this look, especially the scarf and bright shoes! xo

  2. oh girl i love how those shoes POP!


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