Maybe I will do this....


The Shine Project I just saw this on another blog and it looks fun and helpful :) Maybe I will do it!
The Color Run, I've always wanted to go to The Festival of Colors in UT and then I saw this :) Maybe I will do it!
I just love Giuliana :) such a sweet little lady, I sure hope I can meet her one day! 

Here are just a few things that I found lately and they sure inspire me! One day! I hate to unload my homework here, but here we go: sevenfreaking page paper, three page paper, one page, one page, one page, an exam, an exam, an exam and SUMMER BREAK!!!!!!!!! Five more weeks 'till freedom!
How is your school or work going? Any special plans for summer? 
Thanks all, I truly appreciate everyone's comments, it's so much fun getting to know all of you.

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