our fun guide to San Francisco DAY 3


Oh my goodness! gracious! Now the people who live in San Fran are sooo lucky to have Union Square. I about died and gone to heaven to see all the stores around me. It's almost overwhelming, so I only went to the stores that we don't have in our town. Whatever you do in San Fran make sure to make time to go to Neiman Marcus :) I went to just look :) since i cannot get anything there, because it's about a year worth of my tuition to buy a skirt :) 
If you can zoom in you can see that the people outside of the building look so stylish (not including the neon outfitted workers (which is also in fashion this season ;))


this hanger, in my house, in the future

China town 
Fun streets filled with paper lanterns and cheap souvenirs. 

Legion of Honor Museum
Another beautiful museum filled with antiques that you will most likely not see anywhere else.  
another antique that i would love to wear, it's russian (meant to be :)

Lombard Street and Coit Tower
Also known as the crookedest street ever, don't miss the opportunity to see it. I wouldn't recommend driving it, but walking it is fun. If you are going to go to the Coit Tower, go in the evening and enjoy the amazing view of the lit up city. 

a few brave souls did drive it

the view, you can make your own postcard out of it


  1. OH, Yana, you HAVE to drive that street down, for sure. We did it twice and I walked down once.

  2. it` s such an amazing experience))) I would like to visit that mall with different brends too)))


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