birthdays, boys and flu


Blazer: Lauren Conrad for Kohls Dress: a really old Dillards clearance dress, Platforms:Elle for Kohls, Necklace: old American Eagle

Last Sunday it was one of my very favorites cousins 13th birthday! Happy Birthday Steven! You know you are my fav! We went over for some delicious dinner and cake, after opening the present Steven was happy and really expressed his gratitude fully. We gave him a tie ;) but I could't believe how happy he was to get it, he said he is going to wear it all the time. Love that kid. That same day we got to play Frisbee with our other cousins and went to see my family and have root beer floats. It was definitely a family day. While at my families my younger brother David, who is 12 and hasn't seen my highlights, told me he liked my hair and gave me a really approving look. Made me love my own hair that much better. All these little boys know how to make ya feel good about yourself. That night though I got a pretty gross stomach flu, blah, I hate when that happens. Thank goodness it only lasted a day. You, nasty flu, you! 
On Monday, it was my favorite aunties birthday. Happy Birthday Auntie Kimmy! Love ya tons! 
The pictures I posted gave me a little grief. Have you ever went out to take a few pictures when you feel really pretty and then look at them and think to your self 'am i really that awkward?' poor hubby, had to deal with me.  But looking at them later, I guess I was able to pick a few out. I am in love with these platforms though :) they just put a smile on my face :) like that! 


  1. love, love the lauren conrad line and i love those wedges!!!
    xx jes, newest follower

  2. Hey Jes! Welcome! thanks a lot :) your pooch is so adorable :)

  3. You look fabulous! Love that dress and blazer together :)

    xo Jennifer

  4. Thanks Jennifer :D
    xo Meg


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