the first days of fall


Two days ago it was the first day of fall! I absolutely love this season, the colors in the canyon are so gorgeous and even though we are super busy with the first set of tests somehow we managed to make a few minutes to drive up into the mountains. This summer was one of the driest and I heard on the news that's why the colors changed sooner than normal {photosynthesis and such :) it's one thing i remember from all of the biology classes i've taken, that and the cells lol} it's definitely cooling off around here, but i don't mind giving up the burning weather we had all summer and wearing my new boots {everyday} and scarves. Scarves are so addicting, don't ya think? 

it was kind of smoky because of the fires in the canyon, but it gave an interesting lighting effect 

I've never noticed these lovely weeds before, but i'll take a picture by them any day ;)


a quick little trip to SLC 

Sean had to go to the UofU museum the other day and while driving around that area we found this cute little place called Trolley Square. I don't know if it's always like this, but it was so quiet and charming, and modern, just everything that I adore. It's a collection of home goods stores, Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn kids, Williams Sonoma, a few chocolates shops and Whole Foods. We loved Whole Foods, haha. Logan doesn't have one, so we bought some yummy things that we internationals can't find anywhere else. Sean got figs {i've never had them before but they are amazing!} i got some buckwheat {i grew up eating it} and we found some amazing yogurt and ate lunch there. 
it's so beautiful and kind of abandoned, we have adopted it :) 

it's kind of indoor and outdoor feeling at the same time, my fav! 

After our new hangout place we stopped by the new Ogden temple. It was really peaceful and quite and i'm so glad we have it.

flowers around the temple
Thanks for reading, I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous season. 

Love lots,


  1. WOW! These photos are breathtaking. Where is this?! Lovely shots :)



    1. Thank you so much, these were in the sardine canyon and ogden, UT :)


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