I have a dream


Blouse:Elle, Cardigan:ummm, i've had it for a looong time so I don't even know,
Necklace:AE, Bracelet:AE, Pants: TJMaxx, Boots:Shoe Carnival

i wear this bracelet with everything

Thanks Sean for taking cute pics of me! 

i sure like my button boots

Last Friday my Family Finance professor announced that we will not be having class on Monday, my “blind followers” bad habit way I just accepted the fact and I was happy that I will only be attending one class. I even changed my work schedule to come in early because my class was canceled! Only to find out that the whole school was having a day off!
Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr. Thank you for what you stood for and still represent in our wonderful nation. I have a dream speech gathering is the greatest demonstration of freedom in history and is full of hope for better future.
 If any of you have not seen The Help yet, I highly recommend it with a box of tissues.
And thank you for the day off, it was really great to sleep in ;)
As cheesy it may sound I have a dream for my future as well ;)
I hope I can graduate from college with a degree that will make me happy.
I hope my husband can find a good job after graduation and gets into a good architecture program.
I hope one day we can add to our two person family.
And I really hope I can keep up with this blog project of mine.
Have a great week.



  1. love the boots!!! those buttons are so cute. and you can totally keep up to this blog project- it just takes time! ha. xo

  2. cute outfit! Love the boots :)



  3. Lovebirds <3 thanks a ton for the encouragement :)
    Taylor- thank you so much :)
    p.s. thank you so much for commenting to both of you xoxo

  4. Tanya Bazay3/28/2012

    Meg, you are wonderfull!!!!!


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